Professor Ali MEFTAH    pr meftah

Department of Physics, Faculty of Sciences.

Born October 10, 1956, in Skikda, Algeria.

Citizenship: Algerian

Founding Member of the Algerian Academy of Science and Technology (AAST).


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I-Research Topics

- Nuclear Materials

- Radiation Effects

- Ion Beam Modification of Materials

- Photovoltaic Cells



- October 1993              PhD, (in Condensed Matter), University of Caen, France

- June 1984                   Magister (in Nuclear Sciences), USTHB, Algiers.

- June 1980                   DES (Higher Studies Diploma in Nuclear Sciences), USTHB, Algiers.

- June 1976                   Baccalaureate (in Mathematics), Constantine.


III-Current positions

       - Professor in Nuclear Physics and Materials Science, University of Skikda.

      - Leader of research group “Nuclear Materials and Photovoltaic Cells” at LRPCSI (Research Laboratory on the Physicochemical of                   Surfaces and Interfaces), University of Skikda.

     -  Project Manager of realization of center of analysis petrochemical and industrial control (Ministerial Decision N° 31, January 13, 2015).



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Impact of scientific work

(From Web of Science, Thomson Reuters, June 27, 2017)

Total Articles in Publication List: 50, Articles with Citation Data: 48, Sum of the Times Cited: 1778, Average Citations per Article: 37.04, Hirsch-index: 18


Publications cited more than 100 times

  1.  Swift heavy ions in magnetic insulators : A damage cross section velocity effect, A. Meftah, F. Brisard, J.M. Costantini , M. Hage-Ali, J.P. Stoquert F. Studer and M. Toulemonde, Phys. Rev. B 48(1993) 920, Cited: 281
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Latest Publications (2015-2016)

  1. Data consistencies of swift heavy ion induced damage creation in yttrium iron garnet analyzed by different techniques, A. Meftah, H. Benhacine, A. Benyagoub, J.J. Grob, M. Izerrouken, S. Kadid, Nucl. Instr. Meth. B 366 (2016) 155.
  2. Accumulation of colorcenters in lithium fluoride crystals under irradiation with swift lead projectiles, H. Benhacine, M.V. Sorokin, K. Schwartz, A. Meftah, Nucl. Instr. Meth. B 359 (2015) 57.
  3. Annealing effects on the structural, electrical and optical properties of ZnO thin films prepared by thermal evaporation technique, A. Zaier, A. Meftah, A.Y. Jaber, A.A. Abdelaziz, M.S. Aida, Journal of King Saud University-Science 27(4) (2015) 356.
  4. Colorcenters in lithium fluoride irradiated with high energy heavy ions, H. Benhacine, A. Meftah, Materials Science: An Indian Journal 13 (8), (2015) 267.